Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mr. and Mrs. Bones

If only we could capture all the glow in the dark giggles these cute Jammies have given us every year, they are a Halloween must have!!

Bates Nut Farm

We love Bates Nut farm at our house, this year we had to go up twice we loved it so much!!
The kids get to ride horses, feed the baby animals in the petting zoo, go on a hayride, burn lots of energy in the bounce houses, and most importantly chill with the family while we pick out our pumpkins.

Kayla was determined to take this little beauty home, she tried for at least 10 minutes to get it to didn't budge!

Handsome man of mine!


Every year we paint and carve pumpkins. The kids are so funny to watch, Sawyer started to paint on his arm and Kayla showed him up by painting on her nose. By the time they were done painting they were quite the scary little monsters.

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Mr. Saw in deep concentration.

Kayla painted the best witch we've ever seen! Good Job sweetness!

Saw wasn't about to put his hand in there:)

Kayla LOVES to get in and get the job done!!

Our Masterpieces!!

Our Nightmare Before Christmas

Happy Halloween!!

If you have seen The Nightmare Before Christmas I would dare to say that Walt Disney and Tim Burton would be proud of our AWESOME costumes! If you haven't seen the movie...
Jack Skellington...Sawyer
Miss Sally...Kayla
Oogie Boogie...Ryon

As my sweet husband put it "this is the best Halloween yet!" We had so much fun this year, our kids stole the show with their cuteness!! I have the spookiest family ever!!

Monday, November 2, 2009


Here are a few of the many Favorite things of mine that we do in the Fall. 

Jumping in the Leaves! 
There are so many memories doing this as a child and I love to see my kidlets have so much fun doing it too!!  We only have the two kids to rake leaves for...My dad was raking leaves for hours of fun for all 10 of us, but of course he never complained or seem to get tired. I think Ry and I were tired after the first few rakings. 

Mr. and Mrs. Bones
I LOVE bone jammies!!! It gives us tons of glow in the dark giggles...the best part is the headless dancing that goes on in the dark!

Our Annual Pumpkin Paint-Off
We started doing this the first year that we had Kayla, we thought it was fun for her to paint and a lot more safe then carving. We always have Kayla judge who wins out of Mommy and Daddy and I always happen to be the winner. (I painted the cat)

Pumpkin Carving Contest
I can't wait to have carved pumpkins out in the front yard...the yummy smell is the best! Once again we have Kayla judge our pumpkins and of course I am the winner! Ry carved the headless horseman and Sawyers skull and I carved the haunted haunted house and Kayla's cat.

Pumpkin Patches
This year we went to a few Pumpkin Patches and Bates Nut Farm was our favorite, it was so awesome! 

Halloween Time in Disneyland
Two of my favorite things...Halloween and Disnyland, can it get any better then that? Even Better...spending the day with my family in this enchanted place!

Making and Decorating Sugar Cookies
Whenever we would decorated cookies when Kayla was little she would put her hands in front of her and wiggle her fingers back and forth (like sprinkling shredded cheese on a pizza) and say "Sprinkles". She never was into the frosting as much as she was into putting a ton of sprinkles on each cookie. Sprinkles are still her favorite thing, they just don't end up on the cookies anymore.
Sawyer had so much fun spreading the frosting all over, we replenished his supply every couple minutes but it still wasn't enough. By the time we were done he was covered and so was everything around him within reaching distance.

Carmel Popcorn
Every year when I was little my mom would make the most Yummy carmel popcorn. It was always so fun to do, Mom would drizzle the carmel in cold water and we would eat spoonfuls of the carmel to "test" it to make sure it was good. Of course it was delicious but we would have to taste it at least a few more time to make sure. Kayla and Sawyer had spoonfuls of their own while it was in the making, they couldn't seem to get enough of it!

My Creative Husband
Ryon just decided to make a Haunted House out of cardboard and it turned out really cool! He always has such fun and creative ideas.

My Family
Fall is my favorite time of year and with it comes so many fun and excited feelings, emotions and memories! It was 7 years ago that I met Ry and we went on a Haunted Hayride and spent such a fun weekend with his family.(it was meant to be, meeting my favorite person at my favorite time of year) So everytime Fall gets closer not only am I looking forward to so many fun activities but I always think of how lucky I am to have met Ryon and to have him in my life!! Without him we wouldn't have these two Blonde haired, Blue eyed Babes! 

Our Haunted Halloween

Herbie Husker, Lil' Red, The toughest football player Nebraska has ever seen (besides his daddy), and the most Drop Dead Gorgeous Cheerleader.

Our Trick-or-Treaters!!

We had such a fun Halloween Party with our friends...Since you probably don't recognize them because of their killer costumes...Tommi, Russ, Noah, and Grace (not pictured, she was spent after all the trick or treating fun), Steve, Liz, Trey, and Mason.

Don't drink the punch!!

We had bloody bandaged fingers and eyeballs for appetizers. For dinner we had chilli in bread bowls, cornbread, and veggies.

Bones, spiders and more eyeballs were fun sweet treats.

Happy Halloween